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I hope you managed to have a good Christmas & New Year despite the restrictions. 

Now we have moved into a national lockdown life is obviously going to be more difficult for us all.

Life goes on though, and most of the business advertising here are still able to provide their services, compling with all safety guidelines, so don't hesitate to call them first.


Your support of those advertising in The Local Eye is greatly appreciated and I hope you will continue to look here first for the services you require.


If you have not advertised in this magazine before but would like to let people know you are out there please get in touch to discuss rates and availability.


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Dear Patients,

We will remian open during this and any other lockdown period.

As always in case of dental emergencies call 01202 512967 and listen for further details.

Please do not come to see us without an appointment as we won't be able to let you in.

Thank you -- 854 Dental Health.

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